Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Media Coverage on The Liberators!

The Liberators At The 2009 ECBACC Convention from CrazyAlCayne on Vimeo.

I just uncovered the video interview above (from the annual East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philly, in 2009) where I discuss the comic book I created, The Liberators. Of course, I was repping our comrade DJ Eurok's Upset The Setup movement with the classic shirt that even Dilla's mom Ma Dukes rocks (cop yours from Eurok). Crazy Al asks some good questions and uncovers how poorly I remembered my biology lessons (LOL). I did manage to shout out New Golden Era at the end.

For the folks who aren't up on The Liberators, the comic explores the real life ramifications of four young folk from the hood teaming up to shoot it out with the crooked cops, dirty politicians and drug importers who have ruined their city, in short.

The good folks at NYC-based arts and culture mag, The Liberator Magazine, were also kind enough to interview me about The Liberators as well, after we discovered we were similarly influenced by older progressive publications with that title (in my case, dating back to William Lloyd Garrison's newspaper). Great minds think alike.

The New Golden Era movement hits you in sound, in color, in black and white, from all directions!

Click here to purchase a copy of The Liberators.

Feel free to become a fan of The Liberators' Facebook group page if you dig what you hear or read in the interviews above.

A larger image of the cover to issue 3 of The Liberators can be found here and a lo-res version is below for those that can't make out the beautiful artwork by Aniekan Udofia in the video at the top of this post.

side note: Big up to Global Grind for re-posting the Crazy Al Cayne video interview, getting it few more views (that's the site where I found it).

Peace to the peaceful,

Spirit Equality

Monday, February 23, 2009

Liberators 3 Complete; Liberators 2 On Sale at Big Planet

Liberators # 2 now on sale at Big Planet Comics (7315 Baltimore Ave, College Park MD, right up the street from University of Maryland-College Park). Tell all your Maryland people to please go out and support! Also check out

This issue can still be purchased online by clicking here

The illustrations for Liberators # 3 are complete (with an AWE-INSPIRING color cover and eye-popping interiors from Nigerian marvel Aniekan Udofia). Liberators # 3 is currently at our printer and we expect copies to be available by late March. Please become a fan of our Facebook page at

Thank you for supporting The Liberators and please keep spreading the word! Thank you!


Alan Page (Spirit Equality)
Creator/Writer, The Liberators
Owner, Lone Gunman Media

(for those of you who love hip-hop music, please check out the home of my record label PKG Entertainment; our latest single release, "Making Waves" by The Package, is in the Top 30 on two national radio charts following college radio spins coast to coast)

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Liberators On Sale In Boston and The Bay Area!

Tell your Boston area friends and fam that The Liberators is now available for sale in Comicopia, a super dope comic book store located at 464 Commonwealth Ave, one block from the Kenmore Square subway stop on the green line. Check out for more directions, hours and the number for the store.

All copies of Issue 1 are now sold out, but Issue 2 remains available at Comicopia in Boston and Comic Relief in Berkeley CA as well as online at (see direct link below)

direct link:

Thank you so much for supporting The Liberators!

Revolutionary love,

Alan Page (Spirit Equality)
Creator/Writer/Publisher, The Liberators

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Liberators Now On Sale Online!!!!




The premise behind The Liberators is simple: four young folk tired of the crooked cops, dirty politicians and dope in their city decide to take their community's fate in their hands and take back the streets!

Written by myself, illustrated by Nigerian visual artist Aniekan Udofia and lettered by Malaysian marvel Bernie Lee, this is truly an international affair! Get down with the movement and forward this on to a friend! And get a copy for yourself! And your mom! And your uncle who had the cool hats back in the day who always said stuff like 'Stick it to the man!'. LOL.


Alan (Spirit)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

FREE 10 Page Preview of Issue Two (link)

Go to the link above for a ten page preview of issue two...FREE!

File is a PDF and it's not very large (1MB).

After you check it out, hit the page with comments!

Liberators availability/Story on Aniekan/new URL

I currently have issue 1 and issue 2 on sale at Big Monkey Comics (1722-B 14th St NW, up the stairs). Feedback has been great so far.

For those who haven't been keeping score at home, The Liberators is about four young folks from the hood that decide to confront the corrupt politicians, crooked cops, and big time drug importers that are ruining their city. Think The Punisher as a Black Panther. Times four :-) (with a sister added for some gender balance).

Illustrator Aniekan Udofia just got back from a trip to Guatemala, so we should be cranking out issue 3 in time for a fall release. Check out this cool story on Aniekan to learn more about him and his endeavors with AM Radio. Aniekan also illustrated the album cover for "New Golden Era", the debut CD from a new group of DC hip-hop veterans who joined forces to form The Package. I co-own a record label with those brothers called PKG Entertainment. goes live today, redirecting to this site ( from an easier-to-remember URL ( you can type it either, takes you to the same place.

ps: Issue One is also available at Crooked Beat Records and Brian Mackenzie Infoshop.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Liberators # 2 Out Now!!!!

The second issue of The Liberators is here.

Written and created by Alan Page and illustrated entirely by Nigerian painter Aniekan Udofia (who illustrated the cover of the first issue), the second issue of The Liberators is a cinematic tour-de-force in comic book form. Mastering the use of shadow and light, Aniekan takes the black-and-white comics medium to a new level with this one, as our heroes find themselves confronted with a multi-agency task force dedicated to hunting them. Even as they are hunted by the feds, The Liberators fight on, taking their struggle straight to the neck of the largest coke distributor in the city (who so happens to be the biggest political fundraiser and kingmaker in their town). A few federal agents get shot, the police chief gets his wrist broken, and the action keeps on coming. In other words, the war is still on...

Priced at just $5, this is the best anarchy-filled entertainment your money can buy...

(Thankfully, we got a new letterer! Bernie Lee really helped us step our lettering game WAY up!)