Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liberators availability/Story on Aniekan/new URL

I currently have issue 1 and issue 2 on sale at Big Monkey Comics (1722-B 14th St NW, up the stairs). Feedback has been great so far.

For those who haven't been keeping score at home, The Liberators is about four young folks from the hood that decide to confront the corrupt politicians, crooked cops, and big time drug importers that are ruining their city. Think The Punisher as a Black Panther. Times four :-) (with a sister added for some gender balance).

Illustrator Aniekan Udofia just got back from a trip to Guatemala, so we should be cranking out issue 3 in time for a fall release. Check out this cool story on Aniekan to learn more about him and his endeavors with AM Radio. Aniekan also illustrated the album cover for "New Golden Era", the debut CD from a new group of DC hip-hop veterans who joined forces to form The Package. I co-own a record label with those brothers called PKG Entertainment. goes live today, redirecting to this site ( from an easier-to-remember URL ( you can type it either, takes you to the same place.

ps: Issue One is also available at Crooked Beat Records and Brian Mackenzie Infoshop.

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There's a profile of Aniekan Udofia posted at